Automated stationary diesel-electric unit ASDA-1600-T / 10500-ZD- (factory grade 15D100M) is a self-contained, fully automated power plant intended for use in stationary conditions as the main, backup or emergency source of electricity.

Running the heated unit with 100% load reception for not more than one minute and the operation of one or parallel several units without maintenance for 150 hours is automatically ensured.

Diesel - electric unit AS-1600-T / 10500-ZD (the third degree of automation in accordance with GOST 10032-62, two-circuit water cooling system) consists of an automated diesel generator and auxiliary equipment of external systems , which ensures the automatic operation of the unit.

The diesel generator consists of a diesel engine of type D100 and a generator, connected together by a semi-rigid coupling and installed on a common frame.

Diesel - two-stroke, with gas-turbine supercharging and intermediate cooling of charge air, with built-in primary sensors and automatic control devices. Diesel pistons move in opposite directions.

The generator is synchronous, three-phase, splash-proof in closed design with air cooling in a closed circuit.

The diesel engine frame is combined with the oil supply tank; the level regulator provides automatic replenishment of the oil during the operation of the diesel generator.

The exciter is mounted on a separate frame, mounted on the foundation of the diesel generator, and is connected on one axis with the generator by an elastic clutch.