Castings from the following steel grades:

• Carbon steels (25L, 35L, etc.)

• low-alloy steels (ZOHNML, 32X06, etc.)

• High-alloy steels (G13L, 40Х24Н12CL, etc.)

Weight of castings from 10 to 700 kg (single castings up to 3000 kg).

Colored casting

• castings from aluminum alloys (AL2, AL4, AL5, AL9, AL32)

• bronze castings (BrS8-8, BrOF1-1, BrOTSS5-505, etc.)

Weight of castings from 0.1 to 350 kg.

Cast Iron Casting

Castings from cast iron:

• gray cast iron from СЧ15 to СЧ35;

• high-strength cast iron from HF45 to HF60;

• antifriction cast irons.

Weight of castings from 10 kg to 3000 kg.

Investment casting

Precise casting from various grades of steels, cast irons, brass and bronze.

Weight of castings from 0.03 to 6 kg. Maximum dimensions (one measurement) up to 380 mm.

Typical castings:

• steel and iron casting - sleeves, pistons, to / shafts, hulls, collectors, crankshafts, yokes, axleboxes, etc .;

• aluminum casting - blower body, reducer housing, wheel • blowers, impeller, engine block etc .;

• bronze castings - root inserts, connecting rods, bushings.

p style = "text-align: center;"> The main technological equipment


• cast iron and steel casting - electric arc furnaces DS-6N1;

• aluminum casting - furnaces PC-120, SAN-1,5, \ "Coleman \",

• bronze casting - electric arc furnaces DMK 0,25,

• precise steel casting and bronze - induction furnaces IST 016/025; IST 016/032.

Molding and core equipment:

molding machines mod. 233, 234 m, 271; Pescomet mod. 24437. Rod machines mod. 25-83; equipment for rods with HTS (mixer model 19675M and vibration table model 21433) centrifugal installation (NSO) complete with UGPP mod. One thousand five hundred and seventy-seven for obtaining large cylindrical rods over the heated tooling.

For special casting methods

Melting furnaces IST-016, ten-position automatic machines, mixers, drying chambers, calcining furnace.

For large-sized one-off orders, formations are applied to the ground on the parade ground in special flasks.

Treatment equipment:

Shot blasting chamber, tumbling drums, stationary emery machines, line for shot cleaning pistons, cleaning drums, leaching plant.

Thermal equipment:

Thermal furnaces with withdrawable hearth, furnaces for heat treatment and normalization.

Typical Castings

Steel and cast iron castings - sleeves, pistons, to / shafts, oil, hulls, etc .; aluminum casting - blower body, reducer casing, blower wheel, impeller, engine block, etc .; bronze castings - root inserts, connecting rods, bushings.

Manufacturing of foundry equipment

Cast steel castings, chill molds, molds for investment casting, molds for injection molding, molds for centrifugal casting machines. Model production: model sets of wood, aluminum alloys.

Quality control methods used

Express chemical analysis, chemical analysis, mechanical testing, microstructure determination, photo colorimetry, lum-control, X-ray diffraction, radiographic inspection, electroscope, leak test, hydrodensity check, sound defectoscopy, color flaw detection, dimensional accuracy control, , control properties of molding and core materials.

Additional features: primer, heat treatment, machining.