- Dangerous parts to the engine "Kamaz" incl. crankshafts, gear change box;
-High-speed cylindrical gears with a module up to 8 mm., Diameter up to 450 mm;
-Val-gears, bushings, axles, etc. Ch. And with a complex profile made on CNC machine tools;
- incoherent Ø500 m = 8 max with straight and inclined tooth, with internal tooth;
- non-metallic parts (rubber, rubber-reinforced, plastic and sheet nonmetallic materials);
- Rubber technical including by individual drawings of the customer dimensions 1100х1100mm;
- A large range of rings of circular cross-section in accordance with GOST 9833-73;
- sealing gaskets (GOST 23358-87);
- washers for wood (GOST 6958-78), washers for metal (GOST 11371-78);
- Arm cuffs according to GOST 8752-79;
- non-reinforced cuffs according to GOST 14896-84
-Banks and other containers of ferrous and non-ferrous metals;
- pipelines of various purposes with fastening;
- a screw, union nuts, a nipple of stop valves;
Radiators, air purifiers.
-refining parts:
-bols GOST7808-70 (M10, M12, M16, M20, M24, M30)
-nuts GOST5927-70, GOST5929-70, GOST 5932-70 (M10, M12, M16, M20, M24, M30), M6 according to GOST.

The parts can be made with thread 1 step; 1.25; 1.5; 1.75; 2; 2.5; 3 and with coating - oxidized, zinc, chromated, cadmium chromated;
-studs according to GOST.
- spring:
- a spring with a wire diameter of 0.3-7.5 mm;

-mechanical processing of parts on machining centers with dimensions up to 1800х1600х1000mm, weight up to 3 tons, and also shafts of gears, bushings;
-mechanical processing of body parts with overall dimensions no more than Ø500õ1200mm,
-finishing of parts on coordinate-boring machines with dimensions of 900x400, weight up to 300 kg
-working of parts on grinding machines (Ø500x400mm, weight up to 150 kg), etc. machine tools
- finishing of complex relief surfaces of parts by electrophysical methods, as well as on milling and boring machines
-working of parts on turning, milling and other machine tools
- Welding of large-sized structures;
- cleaning of parts-knots up to 6 meters long;
- sanding;
-Argon-arc welding of stainless heat-resistant steels and aluminum;
- bending, gas welding, soldering of pipelines;
- welding of small hull details in carbon dioxide environment;
- brazing of aluminum.