In the press-forging plant of the SE "Malyshev Plant", forged and stamped forgings such as crankshafts, shafts, rods, valve plates, axles, cones, cranks, hubs, balancers, supports, gears, flanges, forks, crowns , hooks, washers, etc., have a different configuration.

The original technology of forgings for large crankshafts of heavy diesels was developed and mastered, low-waste processes of dissected punching were developed, based on the use of operations of distribution, crimping, flanging, cross-rolling and rolling, stamping bimetallic pistons and other forgings of complex configuration.

Mass of products.

Weight forged forgings ranges from 0.08 kg to 5 750.0 kg, including:
Forged forgings from 0,08 to 250,0 kg
Forged forgings from 0.15 to 5 750.0 kg.

Various types of steels and alloys are used for the manufacture of forgings, including: Steel of ordinary quality, structural and alloy steels, heat-resistant alloys, aluminum and copper alloys , ingots of carbonaceous, alloyed and stamped steels (castings from 1.5 to 10.0 tons).


Preheating of preforms before forging (stamping), mainly Gas Flame. On units ПШМ3т and 0,9т heating of preparations is carried out in electric chamber furnaces.


Manufacturing of forged and forged forgings is carried out, mainly, on the universal equipment, including:
Punching hammers with the weight of falling parts of 0,9t, 1,5t, 2t, 3t, 5t, 6t, 10t, 16t.

Stamping crank presses with a force of 1600 tons. 2500 tons, 4000 tons.

Forging machines for 400 tp, 800 tp, 1200 tp.

Hydraulic forging press with a force of 1500 tons.

Hammers of free forging with the weight of falling parts of 0.4 tons, 2 tons, 6 tons.